René Magritte, Les Valuers Personnelles (Personal Values), 1952

I think it’s time to order a remake for my own room!


René Magritte, Les Valuers Personnelles (Personal Values), 1952

Magritte’s works aimed to challenge the viewers’ prerequisite perspectives of reality. A lingering sense of uneasiness is created when viewing his works. They evoke the viewer’s thoughts, and contemplate the relationships between the objects depicted in the painting. The tension between the objects can be felt by the viewer followed by the viewers awe and admiration of how the simple yet extraordinary composition of the painting has allowed these seemingly unrelated objects to fall into place next to each other, harmoniously.


In Personal Values, Magritte shows a bedroom filled with everyday objects that are juxtaposed together in blown up proportions. These everyday objects include a comb, a matchstick, a wineglass, a bar of soap and a shaving brush. They are seem to be scattered around the room with no apparent order. Their presence in the room in and the scale in which they…

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