About the Dentists!

Recently, I’ve taken a trip to Poland and on my way there one of my tooth started to ache badly – the pain was so big I had to take few Ibuprofen pills just to reduce the pain. Hopefully, I’ve found an amazing dentist service for my location (dentysta-lubin.pl) and was able to choose one of the best services. Even though I didn’t know the local language, the dentist knew English – maybe I should expect that, but still, I was amazed that I could flawlessly communicate with him.

After I called my “dentysta” (that’s the word for dentist in Polish) in Lubin, we quickly switched languages to English and I explained my problem to him, and surprisingly, he agreed to let me come as soon as I could. I thought I was getting special treatment, but it turns out, in Poland, if you come with toothache, you can get your tooth fixed without waiting few days for an appointment.

What was the site called you may ask – well, it can be simply found when typing dentysta lubin (or you can visit the site by clicking this link) into your Chrome bar or whatever search engine you prefer to use – Bing, Yahoo or Google. They even have a Twitter account which they use to spread their helpful articles or remind you to wash your teeth, in case you forgot, haha!

If you want to hear less about the dentists and more about my recent trip to Poland, well, you’ll have to wait a bit, as I’m still in the country, but what I can tell – they food is simply amazing and I will regret flying back home after I leave, simply because I’ll never forget the taste of “pierogi ruskie”, as they like to call their special kind of dumplings. If you’ve never eaten them, you’re missing out on a huge deal!


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