About the Dentists!

Recently, I’ve taken a trip to Poland and on my way there one of my tooth started to ache badly – the pain was so big I had to take few Ibuprofen pills just to reduce the pain. Hopefully, I’ve found an amazing dentist service for my location (dentysta-lubin.pl) and was able to choose one of […]

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Memory Foam Pillows!

Memory foam pillow, just like the mattress, has many useful features and advantages over a regular one and therefore is well worth the investment.  These pillows contain no feathers or down, which are usually a perfect environment for allergens. Using a different material, memory foam leaves no space for dust mites to gather, reducing risk […]

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Photo Mash-up!

For my next little project, I’m going to need some of your photos that you like most, so if you’re willing to take part in my TOP-SECRET operation, message me with your home-related pictures! Thanks!

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Amy is Back!

It’s Amy again! I hope you didn’t miss me much, even thought I’ve been gone for months – know that I didn’t do this on my own. My life situation forced me to stop blogging, but let’s not get into the details, this time. Even though I haven’t been posting, my research for home improvement […]

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